Live In Person with the La Cense Burger Truck!!

Somehow I missed the Tweet that the La Cense Burger Truck would be right around the corner from my office!  My heart nearly skipped a beat and it was as if I had seen a celebrity!  The Gods of Food led me to the magical location.  The aroma alone was enough for little droplets of drool to start building up in my mouth.  Like a 12-year-old girl I told the guy who handed me my burger how I’ve read so much about you, love the work you do, and I even follow the Twitter feeds.  WHOA FOOD NERD ALERT!  Luckily I batted my eyes enough so he didn’t think I was a psycho.  I couldn’t get back to my desk fast enough!  I would say I’ve had a lot of burgers in my life and this was by far the juciest, most flavorful, and satisfying burger I have EVER had.  [Yup even better than Bobby Flays]LaCenseBurger.  I also got a little customer loyalty punch card and nice fat pickle!  The Burger didn’t photograph too well but here are some pics that commemorate the experience.  The Truck


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