My Fresh Direct Audition!

In my audition video I said I love Fresh Direct so much I'd wear it on a t-shirt.

Recently, Fresh Direct notified its customers of a contest where they could win a spot in their next television campaign!  All applicants had to do was send in a video of why they loved Fresh Direct.  Me, the Fresh Direct cheerleader that I am was thrilled a the idea and spent an entire evening in front of the camera and editing my video.  My main focus around Convenience, Produce and Reliable.  With a plug to the Italian grandparents grocery store which naturally gives me a recognition and appreciation for great produce.   I received and email from a casting director on Tuesday and here I am on Thursday recounting the experience.

The casting office was at 450 W. 15th Street, wayyyy on the west side, yet close to my apartment.  Greeted by 65 degree day I decided to walk down with the iPod playing on a, Train, Hey, Soul Sister, and Corinne Baily Rae, Girl Put Your Records On.  After passing the industrial border of the Meat Packing District and  Chelsea Market I arrived to a familiar name, Milk.  Milk, an advertising agency of recognition and a good one at that.  The building had several floors but I went up to the second which was the casting floor.  Busy little place with multiple castings going on at one time.  I felt a little out of place with all the actors and actresses in the waiting room but the staff was friendly and obviously recognizing that we are here as non-actors and might not be familiar with the drill of sign-in, photo, fill-out info on photo, audition.  I was brought to a back studio where it was just me in a chair, camera and casting director.  She asked me several questions about my Fresh Direct experience and then I was out as quickly as I came in!  I think I was very natural and my happy bubbly self and answered her questions well.  She warned me up-front that she may ask me to answer a question again as they are looking for quick sound bytes of information and I should not feel insulted.  But that didn’t even happen!

They are looking for 6 people and based on the list I signed (not knowing if it was the entire 2-day casting sign-in or just today’s) there were about 20 people before me.  She said she’ll have more information for me on Monday and they are looking to shoot December 17th and 18th.  So quick turn-around.

Keeping expectations low and either way it was great to be considered and a fun little story!


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3 responses to “My Fresh Direct Audition!

  1. Jen

    FYI, Milk is not handling this production.

  2. Betty

    Interesting, thanks for the info. Last I knew the Fresh Direct account was at Gotham, things could have changed since then. But either way, Milk has an awesome space!

  3. Jen

    Gotham is correct. : )

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