Hold the Salt!

Personally, I never grew up around a lot of salt.  I never really have a tendency to add it to anything at restaurants either, not even french fries!  However, as I learn more about the culinary arts I’ve been told that salt brings out all the other flavors of a dish.  In fact, on an episode of ‘Next Iron Chef’ one of the contestants was told by a Master Chef to use more salt!

We couldn’t do it ourselves, so now the NY City Government gets involved.  While I am all for reducing the salt across NY City, it still frustrates me that people can’t figure this out on their own.  Now we all suffer.  If I wanna splurge on a McDonalds Big Mac like I tend to do maybe once or twice a year I’m now a victum because the dumb idiots that go there every day have high blood pressure and are obese.  How are people ever going to learn self-control?  You can’t just take something away from a kid without them understanding why.  And then they’ll rebel and want it more!

Again, I am in favor of reducing the sodium levels across the board, but I guess I’m just bothered by the idea that it has come down to a city regulation.  People and brands couldn’t handle this on their own.

From NY Magazine:

City’s War on Salt: Who’s for It, and Who’s Against



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2 responses to “Hold the Salt!

  1. I thought, ” Salt Saves Lives”???

    • Betty

      I don’t know about saving lives… but just did a quick google search and…
      Having the right level of salt assists the body with many functions including:
      Nerve conduction
      Easy and active absorption of other nutrients in the small intestines
      Maintains electrolyte balance.
      Key to hydration during exercise and outside activities.
      Combats hyperthermia.
      Increasing salt intake can combat chronic fatigue syndrome.
      Helps regulate the water levels in cells, nutrient levels, and waste matter

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