A trip with Betty and Mom to Delicious Orchards

My brother and I owe much of our love of food and interest to Delicious Orchards Country Food Market.  A local landmark to some who travel far and wide to get a taste of their infamous apple cider donuts, DO was our backyard food haven which provided fruit and vegetables to my family’s table after moving from Brooklyn, NY to suburbia, NJ.  At one point I would grunt and moan to ride in the front seat of the shopping cart, now I marvel at the specialty products and gorgeous arrangements of produce.  Hence the pictures taken from my phone below.

Jalapeno flavored hard boiled eggs?!

Betty meets 5 feet tall Spinach display (yes there is a sequence flower on her hat)

Over the years DO has taken some hits with the growth of places like Wegmans and Whole Foods, but the place has a certain charm and neighborhood feeling that you can’t get from the competitors.  Also, a little trivia fact is that all the cashiers have to memorize 4 digit produce codes associated with each produce item in the store.  Nothing has bar codes and there is no computer technology that brings up a picture.  These people mean business.


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