Eating Right in Bed-Sty

One of the many good things that has come from being unemployed is an opportunity to volunteer with City Harvest’s Operation Frontline.  The project takes a chef, a nutritionist and a class manager (me) and drops them into underserved community centers throughout the city to teach nutritional education and do cooking demonstrations.  While my parents nearly had a heart attack when I told them I’d be in Bed-Sty I was pleasantly surprised by the joyful and enthusiastic women (and one man!) at the Mount Sinai Baptist Church.  While my job was assisting the chef and nutritionist in anyway they needed, I had a chance to teach one nutrition class and really got to take part in a lot of the cooking.  And having the chance to work with a real life chef and nutritionist was invaluable, we were a great team including our City Harvest representative!  Everyone was so appreciative of our work and it really filled my heart with purpose and gratitude.  Sometimes volunteering is really self-fish!  Below are some pics from our recent class, we did spices and breakfast including a Frittata and Sweet Potato Fries!  Also made smoothies but they’re not pictured.  Hope to get the chance to do another class soon!!

Spices- Love Star Anise!

Sweet Potatoes are Ready!

Brandon and Carolyn address the class about today's lesson

Brandon shows Ernestine how to chop the potatoes

Frittata is ready!

Group Shot!

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