Jamie Oliver defends UK McDonalds

Recently, Jamie Oliver has made it his personal mission to change school lunch programs across America.  I have yet to see the Food Revolution on ABC but it seems to go without saying that this is a very nobel and much-needed endeavour.   As I was going through my regular blogger emails the other day I was linked to this article in the Daily News about how Jamie’s claiming British McDonald’s is healthier than the US one.   He mostly credits the use of free-range chicken eggs, organic milk and quality beef.  Well we all know that the term ‘free-range’ is about as controversial in the food world as Obama’s Healthcare plan.  But I have to wonder what was the motive behind a man who’s made it his life’s mission to change the way kids look at food to make such a statement?!  I will say however that while traveling Europe in college I did notice that the McDonald’s were a rare sight but a definite guilty American pleasure.  The food WAS different.  I remember being in Switzerland and seeing a big juicy Cheese Fondue burger on the menu.  I also found this site with some other random international influences on those famous golden arches.

McLobster lobster roll from Canada


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One response to “Jamie Oliver defends UK McDonalds

  1. Kathy MacIntire

    The state of Maine has a fine lobster roll at McD’s the summer. We travel quite a bit and stop at McD’s all over. Some are better than others in the “quality control” department. It is what it is 🙂
    Louisiana has “curly Cajun fries” at their McD’s on occasion… really. We should have checked the ones in Paris out (maybe they use croissants!)

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