What’s Popping Up

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than the taste of a pure fruit ice pop.  Just as you manage to get over the frozen numbness from biting in too fast, a single strand of liquid pop makes it’s way down your hand.  Well if you haven’t re-lived this classic frozen dessert moment it’s time to roll-up your sleeves and have a wet napkin near-by. 

With the cupcake craze  taking it’s final bows it seems ice pops are the new ‘it’ dessert.  I was first attracted to this notion when I heard about a group called People’s Pops opening in the Chelsea Market in Manhattan.  I thought what a smart business venture and they even source local fruits and herbs!  The Queen of Trend herself, Martha Stewart has even featured them on her show and published her own ice pop recipe in this month’s issue of ‘Everyday Food.’  Another budding entrepreneur is Mexican inspired  company La Newyorkina which plunge into my favorite sweet and spicy combination!  Their spicy mango pop put my taste buds into pure chaos!
Aside from all this buzz I even walked by Williams-Sonoma the other day to find a window display devoted to tools and cook books for the pops! 

Using a traditional mold from a local baking goods store I made some really fun mango kiwi pops; even added a little vanilla yogurt to some.  The trick, however, is to really have some nice ripe fruit and to add a healthy amount of a sugar depending on your audience.
What I like best about this new cooking project is you don’t have to be a pastry chef or even follow a recipe!  Cooking is all about being creative and trial and error; making the traditional, non-traditional!  You may even want to try an ice cube tray and pack them in a cooler for the beach.  Keep ‘em simple or make ‘em crazy.  Maybe even a little coconut rum would make for a great flavor affinity to a mango or pineapple pop!  Either way, hope you get your sticky hands on one soon! 

Vanilla Mango Kiwi Pops 

2 ripe mangos pealed and chopped
1 small container of vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup of sugar 

Slice and peal 2 kiwis and place 1 slice in pop mold
Pour blended mix into mold and freeze for about 3 hours.
Let mold defrost slightly before pulling out of mold. 

Variations: mango+chopped mint+coconut rum, 

strawberry+vanilla yogurt+kiwi, 



Adjust consistencies with more liquid or solid ingredients.

Taste before freezing to ensure desired outcome!

Giada’s Italian Ice Pops

Jasmine Pear Pop


Spicy Mango from La NewYorkina


Ice Pops in 7 minutes


Perfect for the beach!Jasmine Pear Pop



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2 responses to “What’s Popping Up

  1. Thank God!
    Will Artisan Popsicles finally dethrone trendy cupcakes?

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