Meeting Chefs – I’m star-struck

I finally crossed ‘A Voce’ off my list of restaurants last night!  Missy Robbins has been all over the foodie press these days, even on the cover of Food and Wine Magazine!  I have been especially drawn to her as she is a graduate of the same culinary school as me!  Dinner was obviously amazing but I was more excited to get the chance to meet Missy!  I really didn’t think she would be in the restaurant but I caught her paying a visit to the table next to us.  My heart beating out of my chest and Scott, my dining partner looking at me like I was a nut job, I asked the waiter if she could come by.  With a slightly stained chef coat and blue jeans, the down-to-earth care-free chick was really friendly, modest and diplomatic about her favorite menu items. 

What we ate:

cows milk ricotta, extra virgin olive oil, mint
thyme, chilies

almond shaped pasta, guinea hen sausage,  morel mushrooms, pecorino 

Goat Cheese and Proscutto Ravioli with pistachio nuts, and shaved leeks

Dorade in a lite chili sauce over a bed of escarole

And dessert!!  Which we enjoyed outside with a glass of port wine on a comfortable lounge-style couch and the soundtrack of New York City’s Flatiron district.

Zuppa Inglese
gianduja mousse, chocolate cake, hazelnut brittle

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