Buy Me Some Peanuts, and Cracker Jacks and Rib Eye!

It’s been 13 years since the National League beat the American League at the All-Star Game but sadly we couldn’t cut it in the kitchen.   Dustin Miller, Executive Chef from Kansas City won the first ever battle of  ‘Baseball’s Best Ballpark Food.’  

The winning dish featured a seasoned rib-eye with cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, onion rings, Kansas City barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle on a bun. 

Kudos still goes out to our hometown Chef Flavien Trichery for his Twisted Sausage and Pepper Sandwich.  A good meat choice in my opinion to represent New Yorkers.   

Here’s a list of the competing chefs and their dishes: 

Dave Dekker, Executive Chef at Angel Stadium (Halo Foot-Long Dog)  

Ron Abell, Executive Chef at Fenway Park (New England Lobster Roll) 

Dustin Miller, Executive Chef at Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Ribeye Stack) 

Rodney Nestegard, Executive Chef at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Oakland A’s Dog) 

Margaret McBride, Chef at Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Maryland Lump Crab Dog) 

Dilup Attygalla, Executive Chef at Rogers Centre (Old Canadian Whiskey Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs) 

Flavien Trichery, Executive Chef at Citi Field (Citi Field Twisted Sausage & Pepper Sandwich) 

Glenn Richmond, Senior Executive Chef at Citizens Bank Park (Citizens Bank Park Summer Dog) 

Craig Luckmann,  Executive Chef at Coors Field (Blake Street Burrito) 

Jason Kohler, Executive Chef at Minute Maid Park (Texas-Style Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos) 

Rich Montini,  Executive Chef at PNC Park (Pittsburgh-Style Pastrami Sandwich) 

Orazio Lamanna, Senior Executive Chef at Turner Field  (Knucksie Open-Faced Southern Sandwich) 

Winning Recipie: 

Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals) 
KC Ribeye Stack 

6 ounces Ribeye 

1 ounce Onion 

2 slices Bacon 

1 ounce Button Mushroom Slice 

1 ounce Cheddar Cheese 

½ ounce Cattleman’s sweet BBQ 

1 Red Leaf Lettuce 

1 ounce Tomato 

2 Dill Pickle Chips 

1 Potato Bun 

½ gallon Cattleman’s Gold BBQ 

Method of Preparation 
1 Season ribeye with salt and pepper 

2 Place on grill until medium rare. 

3 Place grilled steak on bottom of potato bun 

4 On top of steak place two slices of cheddar cheese, cooked bacon, sautéed mushroom. 

5 Add one ounce of grilled onion rings 

6 Ladel ½ ounce of Cattleman’s BBQ Gold sauce over grilled onions 

7 Place lettuce, tomato and pickle on top of bun. 



Flavian’s Citi Field Dish! 

Citi Field (New York Mets) 
Twisted Sausage and Pepper Sandwich 

1 Italian Halo Griller 

1 Baguette Crispy 

Pinch Pepper and thyme 

1 ounce Frizzled onions and flour mix 
¾ ounce Onion 

¼ ounce Flour 

1 gram Old Bay Seasoning 

1 gram Celery Spice 

2 ounces Chipotle Mayonnaise 
1 ½ ounces Mayonnaise 

1 ounce Chipotle Pepper 

¼ ounce Lemon Juice 

¼ ounce Garlic, Chopped 

3 Bell Pepper Julienne (of course the French man would Julienne his pepper) 

Method of Preparation 
1. Make the chipotle mayonnaise by combining mayonnaise, garlic, chopped chipotle pepper, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. 

2. Slice the onions and coat with all purpose flour, old bay and celery salt. 

3. Fry the onions rings in a sauté pan. 

4. Julienne the bell pepper, chop the fresh thyme and sautéed until crunchy. 

5. Grill the sausage until cooked 

6. Assemble baguette, chipotle mayonnaise, grilled sausage, sautéed peppers and fried onion. 





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