Top Chef wins Emmy Award

Congrats to ‘Top Chef’ for finally receiving an Emmy Award and beating out the long time winner ‘Amazing Race.’ 

I’m still on the fence about the superfluous amount of reality TV, and especially in the cooking category.  I had a chance to watch an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Master Chef’ and I was really embarrassed for some of the contestants and even more so for whoever is coming up with the challenges.  Critics are paralleling ‘Master Chef’ with American Idol and in a lot of ways I can see the comparison.  Many of the contestants on Idol are so bad it’s funny!  People who care about them have been filling their head with praises making them think they can actually make it in the music industry.  Just because your friends or your husband or family thinks you’re a good cook doesn’t mean you have the ability to compete on reality TV.  One woman broke out into tears because she couldn’t make a cupcake! On that same episode one of the armature chefs had to compete against the acclaimed Kat Cora.  Really?!  That sounds like a set-up for failure.  And if the two shows continue in a parallel universe, probably only a handful of the Master Chef’s will make it in the real world.  It’s also frustrating from a person like me who is dedicating time to school to watch these ‘one dish wonders’ suffer through a competition way out of their league.  

While ‘Top Chef’ has it’s moments of absurdity I think it’s pretty well done.  After being in school for a few months I recognize more techniques and can make better judgments on whether or not I think the judges are making smart comments.  However, this season I am having a hard time picking a person to root for.  The casting from previous seasons has been much better.  One word FABIO!!! 

It’s hard to think that the future of television depends on reality drama so much that they had to make it it’s own category at the Emmy Awards.  I’ll just keep rooting for Modern Family and Glee!

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