Eating in Union Square

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has trouble finding good quick eats in Union Square.   Last year I was introduced to Maoz Vegetarian’s falafal bar and even impressed my picky mother!  And now I’m happy to add Dos Toros Taqueria the hidden hideaway for burrito and taco heaven!  Two brothers from San Francisco’s Bay area, Leo and Oliver Kremer, conjured up the hideaway after being homesick for their native comfort food.  And part of the reason why it’s so good is their devotion to local, fresh, high quality products.  AND as a bonus they practice sustainability from their antibiotic free chicken to the tables which were recycled from an old barn. 

I had the steak and carnitas soft taco with chips and guacamole.  Washed it down with a Dos Equis and lime.  Delicious!



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2 responses to “Eating in Union Square

  1. Julia

    Good to know! So hard to find a decent mexican joint on the East Coast — yah I said it 😉

  2. And now I’m starving reading this!

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