Crack the Whisk

A friend of mine from my building so graciously invited me to take part in a charity dinner for Farming Concrete.  On top of enjoying a delicious dinner (which I’ll get into in a bit) I was able to contribute to a very worthy and much needed cause in NYC.  Farming Concrete is an organization out to measure food production in local community gardens throughout the city.   By calculating the area, and monetary value of this food, it will enhance the perceived value and legitimacy of these public spaces. 

In short they are looking to complete this formula:

“We at ___ Community Garden grew ___ pounds of food in ____ square feet, which is worth $___, served approximately ___ people, and prevented approximately __ pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.”


Chef Alejandro Alcocer from green, brown, orange who does catering and owns a cafe on the Lower East Side is dedicated to sourcing organic produce and free range, grass fed meats.  He prepared a delicious dinner on the rooftop of St. Paul’s – Fordham University which is one of the gardens participating in the the Farming Concrete program.


Summer squid salad – Montauk, NY

Marinated roasted summer beets and carrots with sweet onions and garrotxa cheese – Satur Farms (Long Island), cheese from Spain

Mixed greens with strawberry vinaigrette – Satur Farms, Berried Treasures (upstate, NY)

Roasted Vermont lamb loins with heirloom fingerling potatoes, green beans, and roasted peppers with yogurt sauce – Jamison Farms (VT), Satur and Migliorelli Farms, Evans Farmhouse (upstate NY)

Grilled peach tarts – Migliorelli Farms


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