Breakfast Love

One of the things I learned in culinary school was that eggs can last a long time in the fridge.  The date on them is one of those things that just keeps you buying more.  The only thing that happens overtime is the yolk gets smaller as the air exposure increases.

So that means lots of fun egg-ey breakfast sandwiches!

My favorite is probably spinach, cheese and egg on whole wheat toast.

Get a non-stick pan, warm, and heat some oil, then add a few slivers of garlic.  Once the garlic browns and you can smell that sweet aroma throw in the spinach (make sure it’s dry otherwise the moisture will have a fit with the oil).  Keep in mind spinach shrinks by about half once it’s cooked.  Just give it a few tosses and then remove from the pan.  Before you start cooking the egg (any style) throw some toast in the toaster.  Start your sandwich with the spinach and then once the egg is cooked place that on top.  Then place your sandwich back in the pan on low and put some nice shredded white cheddar or Gruyere (or pretty much any  other cheese…but yellow cheddar might be a little funky) on top with some salt and pepper, and cover with the last piece of toast and a lid for the pan (foil works too).  Give it a couple minutes to melt and then bistro style breakfast is served!!!

This was my latest creation:  Collard Greens, Bacon Open faced Egg Sandwich.

I got some nice bacon cut into pieces cooked in a hot pan (don’t oil, the grease from the bacon will be enough).  You’ll notice some of the bacon will stick at first, leaving some brown bits stuck to the pan.  Don’t worry, that flavor-ey goodness will be saved!  Once your bacon is cooked to your liking, remove from pan and add some garlic.  Once brown throw in about half a cup of chicken stock or broth.  If you are coordinated enough, remove the pan from the heat when you add the stock.  This will de-glaze those bacon left-overs from the pan.  Once your liquid calms down add your dry shredded collard greens and salt and pepper.  Let that play around in the pan for a little bit and when it’s just about done, stir in the bacon.  When you have a sec, get a piece toast going.  Top the toast with the collard greens, your egg (which you should cook in a separate pan from the collard greens), hit it with a little more S&P and wha-LA!  Hopefully you have about a tablespoon left of that chicken stock from the collard greens which will get your bread nice and juicy.  Another fantastic savory breakfast sandwich!


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