Bon Appetit has a New Tattoo

That’s the best way to describe what’s happening to that  wholesome iconic brand that we all love.   They just got inked.  The first complete edition from the new Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport will hit news stands in May and it seems he’s looking to make a great departure from the old brand image.  The marketing department is launching a sort of teaser campaign called, ‘Bite Me’ that will launch in major cities and is targeting the ‘crucial Sex and the City demographic.’  I’m sorry, but last I checked no one in that demographic was interested in cooking or eating for that matter.  Unless the issues will have articles like, ‘Cosmos for Every Occasion’ I’m not sure what they’re going for.

Click the picture to visit the campaign site.

I’m not too familiar with the history of publications doing ad campaigns, but with low  subscriber rates across the board, I guess maybe it will help?  Or it might be a desperate plea for attention…?  When clicked on the link to the campaign website I had to do one of those quick minimize screens when I saw those giant boobs in my face!

I appreciate them trying to keep in touch with the new generation of foodies, but if their magazine is as off the mark as their ad campaign they’re in for a long and painful reign under Mr. Rapoport.  I hope they prove me wrong!


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