Top Chef All-Stars

It’s like the end of baseball season, or a presidential election, or finally seeing the new Harry Potter movie, what am I going to be obsessed with now?!

My overall thoughts of the season are favorable.  I liked the idea of bringing back old cast members as you already had established relationships and character developments.  I feel like every new season it takes me a couple episodes to find out who I want to root for.

Some outstanding moments:

Jen leaving so early!!!  What they hell was up with that?  She was so close to the finale in her season nearly smacking down those Voltaggio brothers.  Red-headed Tiffani quoted how she really expected to get schooled by Jen, but alas.

Jamie what a wuss.  Did you even want to be on the show?  She did make a total comeback in the finale though.  I think she knew we were on to her.

Tre didn’t know too much about him, but loved how he called himself the “Black Italian”

Carla so happy she won fan favorite!  I didn’t think she’d win the competition but happy she made it pretty far.  I couldn’t believe her in that Target challenge, I mean I get a little caught up in the place too but seriously woman get cooking!  And the Jimmy Fallon thing was a little much with the pot pie.  BUT  the CRUST ON THE BOTTOM is KEY.  And now I secretly love Jimmy Fallon for his love of food.

Elmo and Cookie Monster need I say more.

Fabio was great to see him back but seriously man it BURGER not BOUGER

Tiffany I truly don’t know how she made it that far nor did the blogging community, it was a sigh of relief when she finally went home.

The finale was great.  I really enjoyed watching Mike and Richard take leadership in the kitchen.  That is the true mark of a great chef.  And really got a kick out of watching Spike the Spy!  So random to see Lidia as one of the guest diners?  Where was Bourdain?  I thought he was part of the original panel?  I love listening to Gail’s critique’s and she’s always very complimentary.

So happy to see Richard win!  I did feel bad for Mikey though, I wanted to give him a hug.  And that look on his wife’s face when they announced the winner…EESH.  But as much as the Andy Cohen Watch What Happens Live was a drunken *hit show, Mike looked in good spirits.

I’m anxious to see what Bravo has up their sleeve for the next season!


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