Cooking Matters

Early this month I completed a six-month Family curriculum course through City Harvest.  You may remember last year I participated in the program as a Class Manger, but this year, with my new culinary degree I was able to be the volunteer chef.

The program was for children and their parents who either belong to Hour Children Food Pantry or are residents of My Mother’s House.  Both are centers in Queens that assist people with food and guidance.

While the experience ended up being a little more than I bargained for assisting with the grocery shopping and testing recipes ahead of time, the results were heart-warming.  It was challenging finding jobs for the littlest class members and then also figuring out a task that would keep some of the older kids engaged.  Luckily the parents always volunteered to cut the onions and mince the garlic!  It was amazing to see how their skill sets developed and interest level grew.  Krystal (pictured second to my right) became an expert at thinly slicing ANYTHING, and Miranda (last one on the left) was my go-to banana masher.

If anything, I think the kids will be more inclined to  help out their parents in the kitchen, and hopefully take away some healthy options.


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