Hester St. Market

In the late part of the 1800s Hester St. was home to largest pushcart market. Today New Yorkers have preserved some of that nostalgia by utilizing the park space for a variety of vendors. And, it is most noted for the artisan food stands! A few weeks ago was opening weekend and it was jam-packed with people out to sample the latest and greatest. By mid-afternoon many stands were already sold out of their signature dishes!
I did however get to sample some Mighty Balls and Shaved Ice!

Mighty Balls! Not yo Mama’s Balls takes my favorite concept of a few ingredients that you can use to build your culinary creation! I went with a pork slider with African onions and goat cheese. A mouthful of flavor, the spicy onions complimented the juicy ball with the sour/tart goat cheese. Even the slider bread had just the perfect amount of chewy and crunchy.

As we were chowing down on our balls we noticed these towering creations of fruit, ice and was that red beans?!? Inspired from the Taiwanese markets, The Shaved Ice Shop serves snowflake-like shaved ice drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, a scoop of ice cream and a crazy selection of toppings. We stuck with strawberries, mango and went on a limb with the bar nuts! Served with a side of green tea ice cream.

Here are some shots from last year that I never got to post. La Newyorkina is a delicious artisan ice pop company with a Mexican flare.  I had tried the Mango-Chili!

And here is a shot of the Sigmund Pretzels.  At the time I think they were offering an Asiago, current flavors range from regular salted to garlic parsley.  And of course choose your dipping sauce, how about some nutella or maybe beet-horseradish mayo?!

Check out the Hester St. Fair home page for a complete list of vendors and directions.


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