Daniel Boulud’s New Cocktail Book…sexist?

With my new job working on Food & Wine’s annual Cocktail book my radar has been extra sensitive to any news regarding the beverage category.  Just released on Eater Daniel Boulud has published a cocktail book divided with drinks for her…and drinks for him.  I’m no crazy feminist but something about this seems wrong.  If you are categorizing me with pink, sweet, fruity drinks you are wrong Mr. Boulud.  I think that’s my biggest problem.  I don’t want someone telling me what I should and shouldn’t like especially when it comes to food and drinks.

Funny because just the other night I was out to dinner with my brother and his fiance who made fun of the fact that somehow whenever they order drinks, he always ends up with the tall delicate pink glass and she gets the short-wide double rocks glass with the burly brown tones.  We live in a world of color and non discrimination, every palette for themselves!

I guess it’s an interesting concept, and I’m sure there are tons of couples out there who fit the bill, so enjoy!  Maybe a cute idea for a wedding/engagement gift…that’s what this book says to me.  Cheesy wedding gift idea.


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