2012 Eating Resolutions

I’ve looked back on my 2011 Eating Resolutions and feel I have faired pretty well. I definitely ate seasonally by joining a CSA, I dabbled in recipe freedom, went to visit two working Farms (thanks Jamie!), made a few carbonated beverages, and supported artisan food markets. The grey areas which I will approve upon this year:

1. Host a ‘perfect pairing’ dinner party. I did a beer and cheese party but it ended up being more like a drinking and cheese gorging fest. Nothing wrong with that, but we really didn’t take time to find good pairings.

2. I always try and be an adventurous eater but still haven’t gotten to Turkish or Ethiopian.

3. I didn’t read a book on food science. I got halfway through The Best Food Writing of 2010!

4. I didn’t use my Kitchen Aide Mixer once a month…but I did use it a lot!

5. And the food magazines didn’t really get organized…I’ll have to work on that some coldwinter day.

And now for some new resolutions! I really had to think about these because I feel all the ‘do-gooder/responsible eating’ resolutions happened last year. So here goes 2012!

1. Attempt to make sausage and cured meat. I made sausage in culinary school and it was a lot of fun, mostly due to all the sexual puns. But if I master curing meat, I feel I will enter the culinary gates of Italian heaven. And have a perfect paring for my fruit mostarda.

2. There were 15 bars deemed by Jim Meehan for the 2012 Food & Wine Cocktail Book as the top bars in New York City. My goal is to go to all of them.

3. I’m stealing this one from Food & Wine restaurant editor, Kate Krader. Eat through my pantry! I have so many random sauces and grains and half empty boxes of pasta that need to be used up.

4. Learn how to make Aunt Ro’s rice balls! I think I’ve been saying this for like three years now. I’m comin’ to Brooklyn Aunt Ro!!

5. Create a family cookbook. In the age of digital cameras, scanners and great online sites to make photo projects I feel the need to preserve the recipes we love so much.

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