More Salt and Fat Please – Sel et Gras Opens in the West Village

After several weeks of preparation the the wine is chilled, the caps are closed on the spray cans, and the knives are honed and sharp. Sel et Gras the newest member to the overflowing diverse culture that embodies the West Village is ready for business.

Sel et Gras is French for Salt and Fat which is the first sign that this isn’t your typical French restaurant. Sel et Gras is here to buck the system, make you surrender all of your previous druthers with stuffy French food, and roll up your sleeves for some stuffed pigs foot and a pomme aligot (mashed potatoes meets mac and cheese).

The menu comes from Chef Patrick Lacey of Eataly, Del Posto, and Elettaria to name a few. He has worked under Chef Akhtar Nawab (currently head chef at La Esquina Williamsburg) for several years and now is creating and executing as Executive Chef.

The restaurant concept is the intersection between the spirit of the French Revolution and the intensity of punk rock. The exposed brick walls are tagged by artist Chris Yormick. If you look closely you’ll see renderings of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette among other nods to the celebration of salt and fat.

Some of my favorite menu highlights are:
Stuffed Pigs Foot – Watercress, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Banyuls Vinaigrette
Poached Eggs en Murette – Red wine, Bacon, Mushrooms, Pearl Onions
Duck Egg Omelette – Morels, Ramps, Smoked sable fish
Pomme Aligot (the mashed potato, cheese, crack pie)

Still a lot to do and much more people to feed, but the opening was strong and Napoleon and his army are ready to kick some ass.


Glazed Spring Vegetables – Basil and Pea Puree


Pork Rillette – Pickles, Mustard and Toast


Mussels au Vodouvan – steamed mussels with fennel, garlic, roasted tomatoes, and vodouvan

Sel et Gras

131 Seventh Ave at W. 10th St.


Twitter: @Sel_et_Gras


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