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Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

As a person who has taken an active role in pursuing all things culinary, there comes a time when you have to make certain sacrifices…to your waistline.  One such occasion came up last night on a late night trip to the Strand Book Store.  It started getting late and I realized I was gonna need something to hold me over until I got home.  As I was going through a mental list of my usual suspects down there I spotted a row of Food trucks at the west end of the park.  And BEHOLD – The Frying Dutchman.

I walked up to the window with Third Eye Blind’s Semi Charmed Life blasting in the background.  My host lowered the music and it took little convincing for me to get the fried chicken tenders with the ‘half and half’ fries, which was half sweet potato and half Belgian.  And the dipping sauce I selected was a Sweet N Spicy lychee and sweet chili aioli.

I parked myself on a ledge in the park and began the examination.  First thought was WHOA this is a lot of food for $10.00!  The fries were perfectly potato-ey with just the right amount of crispy edge and still that limp soft interior.  The chicken tenders were a far cry from any diner’s kids menu where there is more of that crunchy batter than chicken.  The seasoning was delicious, the chicken was juicy with little ribbons of meat falling off at every bite.  My sauce was okay.  Not too spicy and a little too much mayo for my liking.  I was thinking I should have went with a BBQ.  In fact this happens to me a lot with chicken tenders.  I always prefer the BBQ over a honey mustard.  I’ll just have to go back again!!!

I got through about half of the meal and took it along with me to the book store.  As I was browsing the food section I heard a women comment how funny that it smelled like french fries in the food section!  By the time we made it back up to 22nd St. the frequent bursts of fried smell had become apparent.  Especially to the man who rode the elevator up with me who just came from the gym.  I apologized and he said I better hurry because he’s about to jump me…jokingly!

I opened the bag to get one last bite in before bed, and as the chicken cooled down I got a real taste of the flavor, still amazing and travels well!  A semi-charmed kinda life indeed!

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