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Food Advocacy

Food Inc

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What some may say has been a long time coming, I think food advocacy is really starting to erupt, especially in New York City and California.  And traditionally it won’t be long before the coastal trends make their wave across the rest of the country.

To get you started, check out the documentary Food, Inc. from Robert Kenner.  The film’s original intent was to give American’s an inside understanding of simply ‘where does your food come from.’  By the end Kenner exposed some controversial and sensitive issues that will make you want to stand up on your chair, get your hippie hat on and start a protest!

Brutal farming conditions, diabetes and obesity, E.coli, farm worker protection, and the corn situation were some of the issues that really struck a chord with me.

The main take-away is that you have an opportunity to vote 3 times a day.  Vote to eat locally, seasonally and where appropriate-organically.  Take an active part in understanding where your meat is coming from and support your local growers.  If there is a demand they will supply and the movement will be a success.

Brands are also partnering with the film.

Stonyfield Organic yogurt was featured in the film as an example how a Wal-Mart representative was interested in stocking their brand because there was an increased consumer demand for an organic product.  Success!!  They’re advertising the film on their yogurt lids.

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Aligning with the film has presented Chipotle with an opportunity to showcase its eco-friendly “Food with integrity” philosophy. Currently, 35 percent of the beans that Chipotle uses are organically grown, and the company touts that it serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant worldwide.

So go vote!!  And see the film!


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