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My First CSA Meal!

In my attempts to eat more locally grown food, I bought a fruit and vegetable share from the StoneLedge Farm CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture).  CSA’s are fun because every week you are brought something different and you’re kind of forced to work with what you have which inspires much creativity!  In this week’s order I recieved:

Rhubarb – a spring time favorite that has a sour flavor (I’m planning on using if for a strawberry rhubarb pie)


Red Sail Lettuce

Buttercrunch Lettue – very smooth and creamy

Mizuna – an oriental green

Suehlihung Mustard

Garlic Scapes- These are the young seed head of the garlic plant.  The farmer remove it to help the plant put more energy toward producing the actual bulb.  Amazing garlic flavor and use as you would regular garlic.

Sage with edible flowers

So here’s what I did.  I saw that I had half of a potato left over in my fridge so I thought this would serve as a good base for the dish.  I have never cooked with garlic scapes before but as mentioned, you can use like regular garlic.  So like any good culinary student I started my pan heating up with a little vegetable oil and started to saute the garlic.  Just as they were browning I added thin slices of the potato to cook through and crisp up.  Next I saw the mizuna.  It tasted pretty mild so I added it in at the end and sauted lightly.  I finished it off with some sage and garnished with the flowers.  Oh and because I’m Italian and I can’t have a meal with out cheese I had some Ricotta Salata in my fridge and crumbled that on top too.
The results were supurb!  I was worried that the garlic scapes were starting to burn but they actually ended up being a great crispy texture.  The potato and mizuna worked really well together as they are both mild flavors and I liked how the potato was the foundation for the dish and helped fill me up.  The cheese was also a nice touch with it’s unique gummy texture and still fairly mild.  The sage leaves and flowers were the perfect added punch to end the show and the flowers were so pretty to look at.

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