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Pasta out of a Chinese take-out box

Are we really in so much of a rush these days that we can’t sit down to a nice bowl of pasta?!  Three French men, yes that’s right FRENCH have come up with the Chipotle of Pasta fast food.  ‘Hello Pasta’ is set to open this summer at a few Manhattan locations.  All I can picture is overcooked pasta sitting in salad-bar-like compartments with parts of the noddle breaking off, and then a ladle of mass-produced sauce dripping on top of it.  Maybe they’ll come up with some unique mixing method like the guys at ‘Just Salad.’  Maybe they’ll prove me wrong.  I mean, I’m sure there was some cultural upheaval when Anita Lo created Rickshaw Dumplings.  But FRENCH?!?!

Here’s a link to the WSJ aritcle

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