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Spaghetti Doesn’t Grow on Trees ya’ know!

Except in Switzerland that is.

Spaghetti Trees

BBC documentary about the Spaghetti Trees

Contrary to popular belief it was not the Italians who created spaghetti rather the Chinese noodle was the earliest evidence of the form we know today.  The Italians were actually chowing down on pasta in the form of gnocchi-like dumplings when the Muslims down in southern Italy (around the 12the century) developed pasta from grain to the long thin shape we know today along with its ability to be dried out and stored for months or even years.  Possibly, Muslim traders with links to Arab trade routes to China were tipped off about this fantastic dietary staple.

In the 19th Century pasta factories were popping up all over Italy and by the end of the century it reached the United States.  Restaurants called it Spaghetti Italienne, a soogy noodle with tomato sauce diluted with broth.  Yum!  A few decades later some genius decided to adapt the recipe with some garlic and peppers.


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