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Pumpkin Everywhere!

One of the joys of this holiday season is pretty much every food and beverage brand comes out with something pumpkin.  LOVE IT!  Most of the time.  While the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte sits on the mediocere fence for me, I have to say Jamba Juice really got it right with their Pumpkin Smash.  While I agree with some critics that is rather sweet and caloric (I spread the 370 calories over the course of one day) it is like drinking pumpkin pie through a straw!  My other latest crave is Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Curry.  Low in Carbs Low in fat this midly spicey mixture is quite delectible.  The pumpkin flavor is slighly outshined by the tomato spice conistency but honestly pumpkin on its own has a fairly mild flavor base anyway.  It was a quick and easy Inidain celebration in my kitchen!pumpkin curry



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