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Culinary Camp for Kids

I just read this article from the WSJ about a serious culinary camp for kids.

I honestly was a little disturbed by the fact that some kids come already knowing how to make a hollandaise sauce and some claim to have made  kielbasa when they were two!  Aside from that, they argue over which celebrity chefs are better.  It seems this is a new generation of ‘stage mom and dads’ who brainwash their kids and pigeon hole them into one thing, rather than let kids find out on their own terms what their interests are and maybe being more well-rounded. 

A little army of mutant chefs are coming out of these camps with abilities I have just barely mastered in 3 months of culinary school!

I’m not sure if I should be afraid or disgusted.  Childhood should be fun, without the pressure of a screaming chef and mastering a julienne cut.


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Michelle Obama came to Town

I just read this article from Eater NY about how over the weekend Michelle Obama took the girls on a little escape from the stressful D.C. healthcare debates to a little culinary and theater tour of Manhattan.

Stops included:

1) Dylan’s Candy Bar

2) Astor Place Theater: for a performance of Blue Man Group

3) Mesa Grill: for brunch

4) Empire State Building

5) Shubert Theater: To see the new musical Memphis

6) Magnolia Bakery

After reading this agenda I wasn’t particularly impressed as they seemed to hit all the standards, but what I was more appalled over was this blog comment!

Was this some nightmare agenda pushed by Bloomberg? Terrible bakery, awful food, nasty tourist traps, overpriced cheap chocolates, worst theatrical shows….wow…. a PR junket for the worst in the city!! Or is this what they think the black people want?

Not quite sure how this has anything to do with Bloomberg…keep in mind she’s traveling with her two young daughters (7 and 10 years old) who might not be up for caviar and duck pate or some white napkin on your lap dinner experience.  At least she didn’t take them to Jekyll and Hyde!  Candy and cupcakes sound pretty good to me, I’m surprised Serendipity wasn’t on the list.  Also, I heard Memphis was a pretty good show!  Kathy Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb (who are not black!) talk about it all the time on their morning show.  I think it’s a good choice for the young girls, it’s entertaining with a hint of history and culture and racial boundaries.  And a first trip to NY can’t be complete without a trip to the legendary Empire State Building.

Would love to hear other suggestions for kids in the city.

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You feed me minced?! – You ever catch a minced fish!

I LOVE this little girl.  Probably the type of kid I’ll end up with.

You feed me canned tomato sauce?!  You ever see a tomato grow out of a can before?!


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If Kids Grow It, They’ll Eat It!

Inspiring story from the Today Show and The New York Botanical Garden.  A summer program where 120 kids learn to grow organically.  And the best part aside from education is that the kids are more open to trying new vegetables that they themselves have grown.  Also they learn the value of organic and farm fresh.   Click link to video here

Picture 2Picture 3

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