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How Well Do You Know Your Dessert?

Nothing signifies the onset of warm weather like that single strand of ice cream running down your hand as you savor the creamy frozen deliciousness.  As a kid I always had a problem with it dripping from the tiny hole at the bottom of the cone.  To celebrate the ice cream and ice pop season I’ve come up with a little quiz to challenge you all (and get some people to post their answers).  The first person to post and answer all questions correctly will be the winner!!  And (depending on where you live) I’ll make you a fresh batch of homemade ice cream – your choice of flavor!

I will post all the correct answers and explanations two weeks from today.  Good luck!

1. What is the origin of the name: Häagen-Dazs?

         a. It is simply two made up words

         b. Derives from the North Germanic          language

         c. The names of the two founding          brothers from Scandinavia

2. What were the original three flavors of Häagen-Dazs ice cream?

         a. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

         b. vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate

         c. vanilla, chocolate, coffee

3. What are the three main differences between ice cream and gelato?

         a. sugar content, percentage of milk fat, churning time

         b. churning speed, churning time, serving temperature

         c. percentage of milk fat, churning speed, serving temperature

4. Which first lady is closely associated with the early history of ice cream?

         a. Dolley Madison

         b. Abigail Adams

         c. Eleanor Roosevelt

5. What historical New York landmark is associated with serving vanilla ice cream?

         a. Ellis Island

         b. The Statue of Liberty

         c. The Chrysler Building

6. Who invented the first Popsicle®?

         a. Grandpa ‘Pop’ Sicle

         b. An 11-year-old-boy

         c. A test kitchen at the Good Humor company

7. In the 1960s Good Humor experimented with many different flavors for their weekly specials.  Which of the following flavors was NOT part of the weekly promotion?

         a. Tomato sherbert

         b. Caramel corn

         c. Oregon prune

8. Which movie actress was known for her devotion to ice cream sundaes?

         a. Ingrid Bergman

         b. Donna Reed

         c. Judy Garland

9. Which geographical location holds the record for largest ice cream cake?

         a. Beijing, China

         b. Cleveland, OH

         c. Toronto, Canada

10. What is the basic definition of a brain freeze?

         a. Rapid cooling and rewarming of the capillaries in the sinuses.

         b. The pain experienced is a nerve reflex from sudden extreme cold          temperatures

         c. The cold sensation literally travels to the cranium and aggravates the          nervous system surrounding the brain

You can post your answers in by coding the question number with the letter(1.b, 2.c…)


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