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Sausage Fest!

One of the first things my chef said when he was doing the sausage stuffing demo was, “There’s a pervert in every class, who’s it gonna be?”  Honestly, when it was all said and done, it was probably the most phallic cooking experience I’ve ever had…and kinda liked it!  First off, to learn how to make these little chunks of love was really interesting for me as the Bratwursts are always part of my Oktoberfest Celebration, and spicy Italian sausage is one of the pillars of my Italian food pyramid.  Also, after seeing the different varieties each team was making it was great inspiration to really be creative with your fillings.

Here are some photos from class:


The Spicy Italian Sausage mix, yes those white things are cubes of fat.











Grinding. The plastic over-top not only prevents your meat from flying out into unwanted areas of the table, but can also be fed through the grind to clean out the machine.











Getting the stuffer prepped with the casing...which is the lining of pig intestine.











Here he comes!! This was the Bratwurst, hence the pale pink color.











Sausage everywhere! Twisting them to create links reminded me of how you make balloon animals. I wonder if there is a connection...?











And our end product. A delicious sausage and pepper sandwich!


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Just Home for the Weekend

You’ve heard the term ‘roll out the red carpet’ well in my family it’s ‘roll out the FOOD.’  Here’s a little sampling of the Saturday night BBQ.

Pizza on the BBQ using a Pizza Stone
A little fresh basil ontop

A little fresh basil on top

Sausage and Peppers.  Love the little baby pepers.  They stay super moist when you don't cut them up.

Sausage and Peppers. Love the little baby peppers. They stay super moist when you don't cut them.

Classic mozzerella, tomoato and basil with a basamic glaze

Classic mozzarella, tomato and basil with a basamic glaze

The Spread

The Spread. Not pictured: Fingerlink Sweet Potatoes, Steak, Pulled Pork, Fresh Beet Salad...and so on

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