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Thanksgiving Round-Up

This year’s Thanksgiving feast was hosted by my lovely aunt and uncle who live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  This year I had the prviledge of getting in on some of their prep work for the big day.  It’s always fun to see how other family members prepare their secret recipies!!  As the official chopper, I had the honor of quartering cranberries for the cranberry bread (I think there were like 4 bags it was pretty mind numbing after awhile), chopped the italian meats for the stuffing, sliced the sopressata, and a few other random jobs.  My favorite secret revealed was my aunt puts sour cream in her mashed potatoes…genius!

Torrone from Auletta, Italy our hometown!

My dish, I made it about 90% through

The friuts of my labor

Pre-natal stuffing

Breads! I think these were the pumpkin ones.

The Sopresatta strikes a pose

The star of the show!! So beautiful

Here are some pics from the big day.



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